About the Oracle SOA Suite on Marketplace License

Oracle SOA Suite on Marketplace is based on Oracle SOA Suite 12c (

Oracle SOA Suite on Marketplace is available in two types of Marketplace offerings:

  • PAID: Use one of the following Oracle SOA Suite (PAID) listings to use Universal Credits pricing:

    • Oracle SOA Suite for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (PAID)
    • Oracle SOA Suitefor Oracle Cloud Infrastructure - with B2B Adapter for EDI (PAID)

    See Oracle Universal Credits.

  • BYOL: Use the Oracle SOA Suite (BYOL) listing to Bring Your Own License using your existing Oracle SOA Suite 12c ( on-premises license, or you can purchase a new license for Oracle SOA Suite 12c (

    When you activate Oracle SOA Suite on Marketplace using the BYOL listing, you are charged only for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources consumed. You must have sufficient supported on-premises licenses as required and specified in the Service Description for Oracle PaaS.

    For the processor conversion ratios and license requirements for the BYOL offering, go to the Cloud Services Service Descriptions page and click the link to the Oracle PaaS and IaaS Universal Credits Service Descriptions PDF. In particular, note the following conversion ratios for BYOL:

    • For each supported Processor license you may activate up to 2 OCPUs of the BYOL Cloud Service.
    • For every 25 supported Named User Plus licenses you may activate 1 OCPU of the BYOL Cloud Service.

Once you have selected one of these options, you cannot later change it. For example, if you selected BYOL and later want to use PAID, then you need to delete the BYOL instance and re-create a new PAID instance.


If Oracle B2B is used, you need to have or purchase B2B (B2B for EDI, B2B for Rosettanet, or B2B for ebXML).