Set Up the Project to Deploy for Production

After your development and test cycles are complete, you may want to configure the project to build and deploy visual applications to the Visual Builder production instance.

Before you proceed, contact the Visual Builder administrator and make sure that the Visual Builder production instance is properly configured and running. For example, make sure that the production instance's security options are configured and the instance points to the correct database.

Here's a summary of how to set up the VB Studio project for deployment:

To perform this action: See this:
1. In the VB Studio project, create an environment for the Visual Builder production instance. The Visual Builder production instance usually resides in another identity domain. Set Up Additional Deployment Instances
2. Create a production branch from the main branch. Use this branch to push your application to production. Create a Production Branch
3. Create the production packaging and deployment build jobs, and set up the pipeline. Create and Configure Production Build Jobs
4. (Optional) Restrict users who can edit the production jobs or run their builds. Configure a Job's Privacy Setting

Before you run production jobs, make sure that all code changes have been pushed to the production branch and there are no open merge requests.