Description of the illustration build_details_in_maven_browse.png

This image shows the Artifact Details panel on the Maven page. At the top right, three tabs are shown: Browse (selected), Upload, and Artifact Search. In the panel, the Information section is at the top. The Dependencies section is at the bottom and shows two tabs, Maven (selected) and Gradle. The Artifact Details section is open and shows build information, including Job (mavenapp-deploy), Number (1), Build Time (July 20, 2020 4:28 AM -0400), Duration (43 secs), Started By (alex.admin), Git Repository (MavenJavaApp.git), Git Repository Branch (master), Git Repository CommitID (3b7d0f77eb15e310a240adb0feca4b8105114fbc), Reason (Build started by user alex.admin), and Result (SUCCESSFUL) .