1.1 Understanding WebCenter Portal Migration

Oracle WebCenter Portal is a platform built to deliver rapid, seamless, and modern user experience across multiple channels. Oracle WebCenter Portal Cloud Service is the same offering as Oracle WebCenter Portal—delivered in the cloud. WebCenter Portal Cloud Service provides cloud-based provisioning and management of hardware and software.

The Oracle Cloud environment delivers instant value and productivity for users, administrators, and developers. It includes built-in identity management, high availability, elasticity, backup, and monitoring to enable secure and scalable applications. With Oracle handling all platform provisioning, installation, and domain configuration, the cloud environment saves you time and offers reduced maintenance and administrative costs. To leverage benefits of the cloud environment, you can migrate your on-premises WebCenter Portal application to WebCenter Portal Cloud Service.

Migration tasks fall into two categories, on-premises and cloud:

  • On-premises tasks

    These tasks involve preparing your existing Oracle WebCenter Portal environment for migration and generating an archive.

  • Cloud tasks

    These tasks involve creating the WebCenter Portal Cloud Service instance and provisioning it with the same resources and applications as your on-premises environment.