Use an Image

You can use Oracle WebLogic Server for OCI images to create Oracle WebLogic Server domains in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute instances with entitlement to use WebLogic software.

When using the Oracle WebLogic Server for OCI images:

  • Ensure that you specify an SSH key when you create an instance using the image. You need this SSH key to access the instance and launch the instance.

  • Connect to an instance as the opc user using the SSH command.

    ssh –i <private_key_file> opc@<public-ip-address>

    Where, private_key_file is the corresponding private key for the public key used during provisioning.

    After you login as opc user, switch to oracle user.

    sudo su - oracle

    See Connecting to a Linux Instance in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure documentation.

  • Unzip the JDK binaries located at /u01/zips/jcs based on the JDK version.

    unzip /u01/zips/jcs/<JDK_Version>/ -d /


    unzip /u01/zips/jcs/JDK8.0/ -d /


    As WebLogic server supports JDK 11, the JDK binaries are also located at /u01/zips/jcs/JDK11.0/
  • Unzip the WebLogic binaries located at /u01/zips/jcs/FMW based on the Oracle WebLogic Server version.

    unzip /u01/zips/jcs/FMW/<WebLogic_Version>/ -d /


    unzip /u01/zips/jcs/FMW/ -d /

  • Set read and write permissions to /u01 folder.

    chmod -R 775 /u01/

Now, the location of your JDK is /u01/jdk/ and the location of Fusion Middleware is /u01/app/oracle/. You can create and configure a WebLogic domain for the WebLogic Server versions supported in this image. See the following documents: