Learn about the issues you may encounter when using Oracle WebLogic Server for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Oracle WebLogic Server for OCI) and how to work around them.

Warning Messages During Stack Creation

When you create a stack in Oracle WebLogic Server for OCI for Oracle WebLogic Server version, you see warning messages for the missing fields in the UI.

Example message:

At least one variable in the schema file can't be parsed.
Only successfully parsed variables are rendered. To troubleshoot schema parsing issues, validate against the meta schema (provided in the Resource Manager documentation):

Variable $configure_load_balancer is found in schema but not declared in .tf file.
Variable $atp_db_wallet_password is found in schema but not declared in .tf file.

This known issue has no functional impact. You can ignore the warnings and proceed with the stack creation.

Error Changing the Load Balancer for a Domain on Private Subnets

The Apply job fails when you update Private Load Balancer for an existing stack to change a public load balancer to a private one, or a private load balancer to a public one.

Workaround: This issue affects only domains that were created on two private subnets, and where each subnet is specific to an availability domain (not a regional subnet).

  1. Edit the stack and clear Provision Load Balancer.
  2. Run Apply.
  3. Edit the stack again, select Provision Load Balancer and then choose the desired value for Private Load Balancer.
  4. Run Apply.

Error Creating a 12c Stack with an Autonomous Database

Stack provisioning might fail if you create a JRF-enabled domain running WebLogic Server 12c and using an Oracle Autonomous Database.

Encountered error: Servicetable connection not available.

Workaround: Run a Destroy job on the stack, and then run a new Apply job to recreate the resources using the same database.

Error when Selecting VM.Standard.E3.Flex as Bastion Host shape

For releases prior to 21.1.3 (March 2021), if you select VM.Standard.E3.Flex as the shape for bastion compute instance, the stack provisioning fails.

Workaround: Select another shape.

Free-Tier Autonomous Database

Free-Tier autonomous database is only supported for Oracle WebLogic Server for OCI stacks created after release 22.1.2 (February 2022).