Add or Remove WebLogic Server Nodes

You can change the number of nodes (compute instances) in your Oracle WebLogic Server for OCI stack to increase performance or to reduce costs. Add nodes to scale out, or remove nodes to scale in.


You cannot use this procedure to scale a domain that was created before June 29, 2020.

To scale the domain, edit the node count variable for the stack and then run an Apply job.

Oracle WebLogic Server for OCI performs these tasks for a scaling operation:

  • Add or remove compute instances
  • Add or remove managed servers in the domain configuration (optional)
  • Scale out or scale in the new compute instances (optional)

    During scale out, the middleware binaries and the JDK are synchronized to the newly added compute instance, and the domain is packed and unpacked from the administration server. To know more about pack and unpack operations, see Overview of the Pack and Unpack Commands in Creating Templates and Domains Using the Pack and Unpack Commands.

  • Add managed servers to the existing cluster in the domain configuration, if the domain is not running Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition (optional)
  • Update the backend set of the load balancer, if your stack includes a load balancer (optional)
  • Mount the configured file system to any new compute instances added, if your stack includes a file system (optional)