Image Description for architecture_idcs_diagram

This diagram shows the components of an Oracle WebLogic Domain that was created with Oracle WebLogic Server for OCI and Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

A Stack contains Virtual Cloud Network.

Virtual Cloud Network contains Load Balancer, Compute 1, Compute 2..8, and Bastion Compute.

Outside of the Stack are Identity, Key Management, and Database. Identity contains App Gateway, Confidential Application and Enterprise Application. Key Management contains Vault. Database contains JRF Schemas.

Compute 1 contains App Gateway, Admin Server, and Managed Server 1. Compute 2..8 contains App Gateway and Managed Server 2..8. Cluster contains Managed Server 1 and Managed Server 2..8.

Arrows connect the Load Balancer to Compute 1 and to Compute 2..8.

An arrow connects Bastion Compute to Compute 2..8.

Arrows connect Compute 1 to App Gateway, Confidential Application, Enterprise Application, Vault, and JRF Schemas.