View the Cloud Resources for a Domain

Use Resource Manager to view the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute instances, networks, and other resources that are provisioned by Oracle WebLogic Server for OKE for your Oracle WebLogic Server domain.


Load balancers created for your domain are not listed in the Resource Manager. See Load Balancers.
  1. Sign in to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.
  2. Click the navigation menu Navigation Menu icon, select Developer Services. Under the Resource Manager group, click Stacks.
  3. Select the Compartment that contains your stack.
  4. Click the name of your stack.
  5. From the Jobs section, click the latest successful job that has the Apply type.
  6. Click Application Information.

    A list of details displays, including Kubernetes cluster, bastion and administration instance OCIDs, bastion and administration instance IP addresses, and administration console URLs.

    You can click Logs to find the private and public load balancer IP addresses.

  7. Click a resource OCID to view the compute instance page for the resource. You can manage the resource on the Instance Details page (for example, reboot the instance).
  8. Under Resources on the left, click Associated Resources.

    A list of resources in this stack displays. The list includes compute instances, virtual cloud networks (VCN), subnets, security lists, gateways, dynamic groups, and policies.

  9. Click Show next to a resource name to show the resource attributes.

You can also find your domain's resources by using the search field at the top of the console. For example, if you assigned tags to the resources in the stack, you can enter these tags in the search field.