Create a Custom Base Image

Use the Jenkins job to create a custom base WebLogic image from WebLogic installer, JDK installer, and WebLogic patches for Oracle WebLogic Server for OKE.

You can use one of the following sources to specify the location of the JDK installer file, WebLogic installer file, and WebLogic patch file:
  • Object Storage - Uses the pre-authenticated URL on the Object Storage.

    For JDK installer file, you must specify the location of a JDK that uses the Linux x64 compressed archive format (.tar.gz).

  • Shared File System - Uses the path of the shared file storage.

    The NFS shared file system path is mounted on /u01/shared location on the administration host.


You can get your own preferred WebLogic base image and upload them to the OCIR. You must upload the images to the following location:

To create a custom base image:

  1. Sign in to the Jenkins console for your domain. See Access the Jenkins Console.
  2. On the Dashboard page, click create base image.
  3. Click Build with Parameters.
  4. Select the source of the JDK installer file from the JDK_Installer list.
  5. For JDK_Location, specify the http pre-authenticated URL or the path of the zip file on the shared file system.
  6. From FMW_Installer, select the source of the Fusion Middleware installer file.
  7. For FMW_Installer_Location, specify the http pre-authenticated URL or the path of the JAR file on the shared file system.
  8. Optional: Select patches.
    1. Select the source of the Weblogic patch file from the WLS_Opatches list.

      WLS_Opatches refers to any patch that may be required to patch WLS or Coherence product binaries (including ADR patches, OPSS, OWSM, OPatches).

    2. If you selected a Weblogic patch file: For Opatches_Location, specify the http pre-authenticated URL or the path of the zip file on the shared file system.

      For multiple patches, specify the location in separate lines.

  9. Optional: Configure the Registry.
    If you want to use another user credentials, other than the one specified when creating a stack, then specify the credentials that Oracle WebLogic Server for OKE must use to access container images in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry (OCIR).
    1. In the Registry_Username field, enter a user name that Kubernetes uses to access the image in the registry.
    2. In the Registry_Authentication_Token field, enter the OCID for the secret for the auth token generated for the registry user.
  10. Click Build to run the pipeline job.
    The custom base image is created and is available in the following location.

The created custom base images and uploaded images are listed when you create a domain, in the Base_Image list. See Create a Domain.