Project Components

Learn about the different tools and files that you can use to build Jenkins projects for your domain.

Oracle WebLogic Server for OKE creates a private load balancer for your domain, which you use to access the Jenkins console running on the Kubernetes cluster. An NGINX ingress controller is used to route traffic from the private load balancer to Jenkins.

All Jenkins files are found on the shared file system.

  • /u01/shared/var/jenkins_home - The Jenkins controller server configuration
  • /u01/shared/scripts/pipeline - The resources used to run the sample Jenkins job, including scripts and metadata files
  • /u01/shared/scripts/pipeline/samples - Sample domain metadata files for deploying applications, applying patches, and so on.

To access or modify these files, use the administration compute instance for your domain. This compute instance also includes the following software:

  • kubectl - Deploy and manage pods in the Kubernetes cluster for this domain.
  • docker - Download, modify, and update container images in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry. Use the login command to connect to the registry.
  • oci - View, create and update resources in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.