Rebase a Domain Image

Use the Jenkins job to update a base image of a domain with a different base image for Oracle WebLogic Server for OKE.

If you created a new base image to apply patches to the JDK and WebLogic binaries, or to apply new set of OS packages, you can update the existing base image in your domain with the rebase domain job.

To update a base image (JDK and Fusion Middleware) of a domain with a different base image:

  1. Sign in to the Jenkins console for your domain. See Access the Jenkins Console.
  2. On the Dashboard page, click rebase domain image.
  3. Click Build with Parameters.
  4. From Domain_Name, select the domain that you want to update.
  5. From Base_Image, select the image that you to apply to the selected domain.
  6. Optional: Configure the Registry.
    If you want to use another user credentials, other than the one specified when creating a stack, then specify the credentials that Oracle WebLogic Server for OKE must use to access container images in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry (OCIR).
    1. In the Registry_Username field, enter a user name that Kubernetes uses to access the image in the registry.
    2. In the Registry_Authentication_Token field, enter the OCID for the secret for the auth token generated for the registry user.
  7. Click Build to run the Pipeline job.

This job removes the domain definition from the existing domain and rebase the existing domain with the selected base image.