Creating an Alert Rule

You can create an alert rule which gets triggered at the time there is a status change for the reconciliation. You can create an alert rule to add to a format, profile, or reconciliation.

To create an alert rule:

  1. From the Home page, select Reconciliations.
  2. Select a reconciliation and click Edit.
  3. Select the Rules tab and then click + (New).
  4. On the New Rule dialog, select Create Alert from the Rule drop down.
    Rules tab showing Create Alert
  5. Enter defining information for the Create Alert rule:
    • Optional: Enter a description of the rule.
    • Enter an Alert Name (such as Missing Data).
    • In Type, choose an alert type from the drop down list (such as Basic Alert).
    • In Priority, select a priority level (High, Med, or Low).
    • Optional: In Restriction, choose either None (default), Prevent Close, or Prevent Workflow. This option is not applicable for Transaction Matching alerts.
    • In Owner, select an owner from the drop down list.
    • In Assignee, select an Assignee from the drop down list.
    • Optional: Enter an Approver.
    • Enter a description of the alert.
    • You can also create a filter by entering criteria and using filter conditions.
    • Click OK once you have entered all required information.

    Create Alert dialog