12 Using Data Integration Simplified User Interface

Data Integration is a simplified user interface for Data Management tasks and additional functionality towards full legacy user interface functionality is being phased in over several releases.

You can use Data Integration to perform some of the tasks you performed in Data Management. Access Data Integration by using the Data Exchange card under Application/

Some of the Account Reconciliation related tasks you can perform using Data Integration are:

  • Administrators can execute data loads in Account Reconciliation using a Merge mode option when creating a data load definition that merges changed balances with existing data for the same location. This eliminates the need for an entire data file load when only a few balances have changed since the last time data was loaded into Account Reconciliation. The required set up is done in Data Integration under Data Exchange by creating a Merge ID in Map Dimensions.

  • Account Reconciliation can use the Applications functionality of Data Integration (available from the Data Exchange card) that allows you to create applications. The Applications option in Data Integration shares the existing functionality of the Target Application option in Data Management and enhances your experience with a more modern look-and-feel and responsive design.

    For example, for Transaction Matching, you can choose the Category of Data Source, and choose Account Reconciliation Journal, Adjustments, or Bank File as the Type. You can also choose the Category of Data Export and choose Reconciliation Compliance Transactions or Transaction Matching Data Sources.

  • You can access the EPM Integration Agent functionality under the Data Exchange card. Using the EPM Integration Agent, you can extract data from your on-premises data sources and then load the data directly to the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud.

    To access the EPM Integration Agent see EPM Integration Agent in the Administering Data Integration for Oracle Enterprise Performance Management guide.