Requesting Reassignments

Users assigned to a primary workflow role can request reassignments for that same role. For example, a preparer can request a reassignment for the preparer role, but not the reviewer role.

Preparers and reviewers can dispute a preparer or reviewer assignment on reconciliations by submitting a request to Service Administrators and Power Users to reassign the reconciliations.


Workflow users may also perform and approve reassignment requests directly if their Administrator has turned on this ability in System Settings. For information on how an administrator allows users to perform reassignments directly, see Allow Workflow Users to Perform and Approve Reassignment Requests

Reassignment requests can be submitted only for pending or open reconciliations. For example, if a reconciliation is Open with Preparer, Reviewer 1 should be able to initiate a request for a reassignment of their reviewer assignment. Reviewer 2 can initiate a request if it is open with Reviewer 1.

Requesting Reassignment on One Reconciliation

  1. Select Reconciliations.

  2. From the list, click an account to Open the reconciliation.

  3. Click the Actions, and then select Request Reassignment.

    In the Create Reassignment Request dialog, the To User column is displayed only if the user making the reassignment request has the Manage Profile privilege or is a Power User.

  4. Enter a name or click Search to find the reassignment.

Requesting Reassignment for Multiple Reconciliations

To request a reassignment for multiple reconciliations:

  1. Select Reconciliations.
  2. From the list, select the reconciliations for reassignment and Open the reconciliation.
  3. Click the Actions, and then select Request Reassignment
  4. In Reassign, select Selected reconciliations or Selected and future reconciliations.
    • Select the Role and then if you know the new user, enable To User, and then enter or search for the name.
    • If you do not know the new user, then submit a request without specifying the name of the user.

Requesting Reassignment of Reconciliation Profiles

If an Administrator has allowed workflow users the ability to request and approve reassignment requests of reconciliation profiles to themselves or another person, users will see a Profiles card under Application in the user interface.

To perform and approve a reassignment:

  1. From Home, select Application, then Profiles.
  2. From the list, select the profile you want to reassign, and select Request Reassignment.
    Request reassignment dialog
  3. Choose either Future Reconciliations or Active and Future Reconciliations which means that reconciliations that use that profile will be included.
  4. Select the Role and then enter the new user or search for the name. Often the person requesting the reassignment is reassigning to themselves.
  5. Enter a justification and click Submit.
  6. You will be prompted to confirm the reassignment. Click Yes to continue with the reassignment.

Approving or Rejecting Reassignment Requests

Once the reassignment request is successful, the person who it was assigned to will see a Reassignment Request in their Worklist.
worklist showing reassignment request

  • To approve all of the reassignment requests, click Approve All:

  • To reject all listed reassignment requests, select Reject All.

  • To approve or reject individual reassignment requests, for each request, in Status make a selection.

Reassignment of Preparer or Reviewer After Submission or Review of a Reconciliation

If you reassign a reconciliation to a different preparer or reviewer once the reconciliation has been submitted or reviewed, the system stores the original preparer and reviewer and this is shown as Preparer (Actual) or Reviewer (Actual) on the list of reconciliations. In addition, the workflow displays both the original user and the current user.