Claiming and Releasing Team Reconciliations

The process of performing team reconciliations is identical to the process for regular reconciliations, except for the claim function.


When a preparer team is assigned to a Transaction Matching related Profile, any member of the team will have full rights to matching for that Profile. There is no required claim/release process for Transaction Matching.

Claiming a Reconciliation

When a team is assigned Preparer or Reviewer roles, any member of the team can perform the functions associated with the role, but only after the user has claimed the reconciliation.

Before claiming the reconciliation, the user has implicit Viewer access. After a reconciliation is claimed, other members of the team still have the ability to claim the reconciliation, but doing so causes the initial user’s claim to terminate, thus revoking that user’s ability to perform the role functions and granting the ability to the user with the latest claim.

The ability to claim a reconciliation from another user is required to accommodate cases where a claim has occurred; however, the user with the claim cannot complete the role functions (for example, because of an absence).


Before any member of the team has claimed the reconciliation, email notifications go to the whole team. Once a team member has claimed the reconciliation, emails go to the active user instead of all team members.

To claim a reconciliation:

  1. From the Home page, click Reconciliations and then select and open the reconciliation to work on.
  2. Open the reconciliation. and then click Claim. The release button is displayed.

  3. Click Release to remove the claim made by that user.

To determine whether a reconciliation is claimed, verify the following view and column attributes:

  • Preparer (Claimed)–If Yes, then the Preparer role has been claimed. If No, then it is unclaimed.

  • Reviewer # (Claimed)–The # indicates the reviewer level. If Yes, then this Reviewer Level is claimed. If No, then it is unclaimed.

To filter by the Preparer (Claimed) and Reviewer # (Claimed) attributes:

  1. At the top of the Filter panel, click Select Filter Attribute (Select Filterable Attributes ).

  2. Select the desired attributes from the Available.

  3. Click >> to move the attributes to Selected.

  4. Click OK.

To add the Preparer (Claimed) and Reviewer # (Claimed) attributes as List View columns:

  1. Click Columns at the top of the Reconciliation List View.

  2. Select the desired attributes from Available.

  3. Click >> to move the attributes to Selected.

  4. Click OK.

Claiming Multiple Reconciliations at One Time

If the Service Administrator has enabled the bulk update feature, you can claim or release multiple reconciliations at one time.


To use this feature, your Role must be set to User.

To claim multiple reconciliations at one time:

  1. From the Home page, click Reconciliations.
  2. From Reconciliations, highlight the reconciliations you want to claim or release and then click Actions, then Update.
  3. Select Claim or Release. The action will be taken on all the reconciliations you highlighted.