11 Confirming Suggested Matches

After the auto match process has run, your next step would be to confirm suggested matches. Let's follow an example through the process using an Intercompany reconciliation.

To start confirming suggested matches:

  1. From Home, select Matching.
  2. Select a reconciliation, then in Actions, select Open.
    screenshot of Reconciliation overview tab showing intercompany reconciliation

    On the Overview tab, you can view a chart showing the current number of unmatched transactions across both data sources, an open adjustments pie chart, and a balancing panel overview.

    The Unmatched transactions chart shows:

    • Suggested matches means that they were matched by the auto match process since the match rule was configured to not automatically confirm the match. Therefore, user action is required.
    • Unmatched transactions means that they are not part of any match group.
    • Supported transactions means that a user had previously flagged the transaction as legitimately outstanding (for example, to account for timing differences that are appropriate at a specific point in time).

    The Open Adjustments chart shows the number of adjustment transactions created through the auto match process or by a user during interactive matching, where the adjustment remains outstanding. Adjustments are typically used when action must be taken to correct a difference in one of the sources. While the adjustment remains open, it’s accounted for on the Balancing report and helps explain differences between the source balances. Once it has been marked as closed, it’s assumed to have been corrected in the source balance and is no longer reflected in balancing. The pie chart distinguishes between the various adjustment types.


    To view longer transaction type names, hover over the transaction type name to see the full length displayed.

    The Balancing Panel shows how the sources reconcile as of the selected date. Any difference in the data source balances should be accounted for as either an open Adjustment, or as a legitimate timing difference in the Supported section. The goal when balancing is to have an Unexplained Difference of zero.

  3. Click icon for suggested matches ( Suggested Match ) tab .
    screenshot of suggested matches
  4. Review the suggested matches one at a time and do one of the following for each one:
    • Click the green check mark to confirm the match and remove it from the unmatched transaction queue.
    • Click the red X to reject the match. It gets removed from the queue and the transaction will revert to a status of "unmatched" and will be available for manual matching

  5. Optionally, you can add a comment
  6. Optionally, you can add a file attachment by browsing to the file and click Open.
  7. After you are done with all the suggested matches, you can move on to making manual matches.


Reviewers and Viewers can also view the Suggested Matches tab in "read only" mode which is especially helpful to view the deetails of transactions that are marked as Supported and see the comments and attachments by the Preparer without making changes.

Watch Confirming Suggested Matches Video

Click this link to watch the video:

Confirming Suggested Matches video link