Creating Match Types

Match Types are created by Administrators and determine how the transaction matching process will work for the accounts that use that match type. The type determines the structure of the data coming from the data sources (columns and data types), and the rules used for matching.

Companies may have many match types such as Intercompany Accounts, Bank Accounts, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and various Clearing accounts. Since the data structure and rules for these different accounts are likely different, companies will create a match type for each account. Match Types are assigned to reconciliations, and more than one reconciliation may use the same match type.


You may also export and import match types across environments. See Exporting and Importing of Match Types Across Environments

The following key steps are used to create the match type:

Defining the Match Type Properties

To define a new match type, begin on the Properties tab and enter a name, any instructions or explanation for users when using this match type, and the calendar that determines how frequently balancing can occur for the reconciliations using this type.

To define the match type properties:

  1. From Home, select Application, and then Match Types.
  2. From Match Types, click New. The Properties tab displays.
    screenshot of Properties tab for new match type
  3. Enter an ID value that is unique across match types, a Name, and optionally a description.


    The status can be either Pending or Approved. New match types default to Pending status. Once you are ready for users to use this match type, change it to Approved. Edits cannot be made once the type is in Approved status other than editing filters.
  4. Click Save.

You can use the Actions icon to access Edit or Delete a match type.

Here is an example of a match type for a clearing account:
Clearing Account match type properties

The next step in creating the match types is to define data sources. See Defining Data Sources.

Watch a Creating Match Types Video

Click this link to watch the video:

Creating Match Types video link