About Custom Attributes

Custom attributes are user-defined attributes that consist of a single field.

Types of Attributes

Account Reconciliation supports the following types of attributes:

  • Date
  • Date and Time
  • Integer

    When you select this type, select a value in Total. The available options are None, Average, Count, and Sum.

  • List

    Enter a list of valid responses to the question. To import a list of attributes, see Importing List Attributes.

  • Multi-Line Text

    The maximum length is 4,000 characters.

    Select Multi-Line Text, then enter the Number of Lines, from 3 to 50 lines. Multi-Line Text determines how many lines of text are visible, without scrolling, on the Actions dialog boxes.

    For Multi-Line text type: Select Include Attachments if you want the custom attribute to include an attachments section on the Reconciliation Actions dialog box.

  • Number

    If you select Number, select number formatting options in the Format tab:

    • For Decimal Places, enter a value for the number of decimal places to display.

    • Select Display as Percentage to display a percent sign.

    • Select the Thousands Separator option if you want numbers to display a thousands separator (for example, 1,000.00)

    • From the Currency Symbol list, select a currency symbol, for example, Dollars ($).

    • From the Negative Number list, select how to display negative numbers, for example, (123).

    • From the Scale list, select a scale value for numbers, for example, 1000.


    The Format tab is not displayed when creating member attributes in Transaction Matching. The default precision used for Number attributes is 2 decimal places.

    For all numeric attributes, you can enter a value in the Total field. The group view displays on the Reconciliations List. The values for the grouping method can be:

    • None
    • Average
    • Count
    • Sum
  • Text
  • True or False
  • User
  • Yes or No
  • Calculation

    See About Calculated Attributes