Specifying Format Questions

Administrators can configure certification questions that the preparer must respond to before they can submit the reconciliation for review. For example, if your policy requires that the user clear adjustments within 60 days, consider adding a certification question that asks, "Have you cleared all adjustments older than 60 days? – Yes or No". Administrators can add unlimited certification questions as needed for each Format.

To specify questions:

  1. From Home, click Application, then Configuration, and then Formats
  2. In New Format, select the Questions tab.
  3. Click New.
  4. In New Question, in Question, enter your question text.
  5. In Type, select a question type:
    • Date

    • Date/Time

    • Integer

    • List

      Enter a list of valid responses to the question.

    • Multi-Line Text

      The maximum length of a question should be less than 1,000 characters.

      Select Multi-Line Text, then enter the Number of Lines, from 3 to 50 lines. Multi-Line Text determines how many lines of text are visible, without scrolling, on the Actions dialog boxes.

      For Multi-Line text type: Select Include Attachments if you want the custom attribute to include an attachments section on the Reconciliation Actions dialog box.

    • Number

      If you select Number, select number formatting options:

      • For Decimal Places, enter a value for the number of decimal places to display.

      • Select the Thousands Separator option if you want numbers to display a thousands separator (for example, 1,000.00)

      • From the Currency Symbol list, select a currency symbol, for example, Dollars ($).

      • From the Negative Number list, select how to display negative numbers, for example, (123).

      • From the Scale list, select a scale value for numbers, for example, 1000.

    • True/False

    • Text

    • User

    • Yes/No

  6. Assign a Role. The purpose of assigning a role is to determine which role can answer your question:
    • Administrator

    • Commentator

    • Power User

    • Preparer

    • Reviewer (with separate roles for each Reviewer level currently in use in the application)

    • Viewer


    When re-ordering questions, you can only re-order within a role.

  7. If the Required check box is selected for Preparers or Reviewers, users can close a reconciliation without answering their questions, but they cannot Submit or Approve.


    The Required check box is enabled for Questions assigned to Preparer and Reviewer questions.

  8. Click OK.
  9. Optional: To change the order of questions, select a question, then select Actions, and then Move to Top, Move Up, Move Down, or Move to Bottom.


    To edit a question, select it, and then click Edit. To remove a question, select it, and then click Delete.