Changing a Period's Status

A period's status changes throughout the reconciliation process:

  • Periods are initially set with a status of Pending and prohibit work from proceeding on reconciliations.

  • Administrators must change the status to Open, which allows work to begin on reconciliations after the reconciliation start date is reached.

  • After the period is finished, administrators change the period to Closed, which prohibits new reconciliations from being added to the period. However, work can continue on reconciliations and users can import updated balances. The Closed' status simply helps users know which is the current period, however, it does not prevent them from taking actions.

  • After work has concluded, periods may be Locked, which prohibits changes to the reconciliations. Users can't add reconciliations to the period, changes can't be made to reconciliations, and balances can't be imported.

You can change the status of one or more periods at the same time.

To change the status of one or more periods:

  1. From Home, select Application, then Periods.

  2. Select one or more periods.

  3. Use the Set Status drop down list, and then select Open, Closed, or Locked.

Watch Changing a Period's Status Video

Click this link to watch a video:

Changing a Period's Status video link