Assigning Profile Workflows

The Workflow tab contains the preparer and reviewer assignments. Only users authorized for preparer and reviewer roles can be assigned these functions on a profile. The system prevents the same user from being assigned preparer and reviewer roles on the same profile, or the same user being assigned multiple reviewer roles.

Sometimes you may need to have levels of preparation or review for a reconciliation. An example is if members of an approval team might all need to approve a reconciliation but the order in which they approve does not matter. Now you can assign the profile workflow to all members of a team by using the Require Action By field All Preparers or All Reviewers.

Enter this information for the preparer:

  • User Name—The user names available for selection as preparer are only those users authorized with the preparer role.

  • Backup User—If you assigned a user for the primary preparer, you can assign a backup user authorized as a preparer:


    In Reconciliation Compliance, a backup preparer can prepare the reconciliation only when the primary's status is unavailable. In Transaction Matching, the backup preparer can act like the primary preparer and has access to the Transaction Matching tasks as if they are the primary preparer.

    To assign a profile workflow:

    1. From Home, select Application, and then Profiles.
    2. Click New (+) to create a New Profile, and then click the Workflow tab.
    3. Under Preparer, select the users who are to be assigned as the Preparer, and the Backup User.

      1. Click Search to select the user for the role. The First Name and Last Name are populated.

      2. Click Details to set the user's Status to Available, then click Close.
      3. Optional: Click Advanced to enter a User ID, Email address or Description for the user.
      4. Click OK to save the assigned Preparer or Backup User.
    4. If you assigned a team as Preparer, you will see a Require Action By field and the default is Any Preparer. You can change that to All Preparers if you need all the members of a team to be involved in preparation.
    5. Select a Frequency, if a profile contains a frequency that matches a frequency associated with a period, then the reconciliation is copied to the period when the administrator uses the Copy to Period function. Frequency examples: Annually, Quarterly, Quarterly-US, Quarterly-Europe, and Monthly.
    6. Select a Start Day Offset to determine the start date of the reconciliation. This negative or positive number determines the number of days before (if negative) or after (if positive) the period close date the reconciliation is authorized to begin.
    7. Select Schedule From to determine what day the Start Day Offset relates to.(for example, the Close date or End Date)
    8. Select the Duration. This is added to the start date to calculate the preparer due date.

    9. Under Reviewers, click New (+) to assign reviewers. The Level is added when you create each Reviewer. Unlimited levels of review are supported.
      1. Under User Name, start with the reviewer with the highest frequency., and click the Select a Reviewer icon to assign the reviewer. The user names available for selection as reviewers are only those users authorized with the reviewer role.
      2. Under Backup User, to assign a backup reviewer, or team, click Select a Reviewer. If you selected a user for the primary reviewer, you can select a backup reviewer. In the Backup User column, click Select a Backup User and select a backup user.
    10. If you assigned a team as Reviewers, you will see a Require Action By field and the default is Any Reviewer. You can change that to All Reviewers if you need all the members of a team to review and sign off.
    11. Under Frequency, select the frequency of the reconciliation review. Reconciliations can be prepared monthly and reviewed quarterly.
    12. Under Duration, set the reviewer due date. The due date is calculated as preparer start date, plus the preparer duration, plus the reviewer duration. There is no start day offset for reviewers, because the reviewer start date is determined by when the preparer releases the reconciliation for review. As soon as this occurs, the reviewer may begin review.
    13. Click Save.


The Service Administrator can assign a team that contains the same user in the Preparer team and Reviewer team. However, during the process of approving a reconciliation, that user can perform either the preparation or approval, not both.