4Configure Oracle BlueKai

Connect Audiences for Oracle BlueKai

If you use Oracle BlueKai, you can activate individual products to send data to BlueKai about consumers who responded to product offers. You can use the categories of consumers for the products that receive responses, such as clicks, add-to-carts, and purchases, in your marketing campaigns or to create look-alike audiences for retargeting. After you configure rules for adaptive intelligence, your campaigns will include consumer data for the activated products.

File a Service Request

Before you can enable this feature, you must file a service request with Oracle BlueKai to enable your connection. After your request is fulfilled, you must configure your connection as described in the next section.

Connect to Oracle BlueKai

Connecting to Oracle BlueKai enables activation of individual products, which queues data for sending to BlueKai.

  1. On the Data Sources page, click Oracle BlueKai.

  2. Enter your BlueKai partner ID. This value is the ID associated with your partner seat.

  3. Enter your web service user key. This value is the developer key (bkuid) from the BlueKai web service key tool.

  4. Enter the web service private key. This value is the authentication key (bksecretkey) from the BlueKai web service key tool.

  5. Click Test Connection.

  6. Click Connect.

Activate Products of Interest

Now you are ready to activate individual products. Activating a product for the first time creates classifications in the BlueKai taxonomy for the connections you have set up. Your taxonomy will contain a new classification named Adaptive-Intelligence-Classification shown in the following screen shot:

Screen shot in Oracle BlueKai of the My Taxonomy page

The classification contains commerce product recommendations, with subclassifications for adds-to-cart, clickers, and purchasers for the activated product.

Configure BlueKai Campaigns

To use this data for connected audiences, configure your rules and campaigns in BlueKai using the adaptive intelligence classifications for those products.