4Data Processing Status

Overview of Data Processing Status

Use the Data Processing Status page to view a summary of ingested data and monitor the status of data processing in the application. You can view the status of data ingestion, flattening, and the processing of opportunity win probability and recommended actions.

Monitor Data Processing Jobs

Monitor data processing jobs and troubleshoot any issues that occur during data ingestion. To view the data processing status, click View Status for Oracle CX Sales on the Data Sources page.

The View Status button on the Data Sources page.

On the Data Processing Status page:

  • Use the summary to know the volume of data ingested as compared to the data volume in Oracle CX Sales. For example, if you see that the overall data volume in Oracle CX Sales doesn't match the data volume in the data processing summary, you know there’s potentially an issue with data processing. You then use the data processing status report to troubleshoot further.

    Screenshot of the Data Processing Status Summary
  • Use the status report to monitor the status of data in the application.

    Screenshot of Data Processing Status Report

Data Processing Status

The data processing status report displays status of processes for the current month and lists the latest process first. This table describes the different columns in the report.

Column Description
Status Indicates whether the process failed or completed successfully.
Process Name Name of the process. Processes include data ingestion, prediction processing, and flattening.
Rows Affected Shows the number of flattened records in a specific process.
Job Name Type of process: Ingestion, Flattening, or Push.
Start Time Time that the process started.
End Date Time that the process ended.
This table describes the different jobs that are included in the report.

Job Name Description
Ingestion Data being transferred from Oracle CX Sales.
Flattening Preparation of ingested data for predictions and training.
Push Opportunity win probability predictions and recommended actions being sent to Oracle CX Sales.

If a process fails continuously and there’s an issue with data processing, contact Oracle Support.