Welcome to Adaptive Intelligence for Talent Management

The Best Candidates feature in Oracle Adaptive Intelligence for Talent Management uses machine learning to give you smart candidate recommendations for job requisitions. You can benefit most from the feature when you’re hiring for professional or skilled positions where the number of candidates and applicants is reasonably high. You spend less time manually screening resumes, while still sourcing and recruiting the best talent.

See Overview of Best Candidates

Version Compatibility

Oracle Adaptive Intelligence for Talent Management is supported on devices with a width of 768 pixels or higher. For detailed information on Oracle’s browser support policy, see http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/indexes/products/browser-policy-2859268.html.

This table lists version compatibility for the supported integration.

Integrated Application Version Requirement
Oracle Recruiting Cloud 20C or later


You can use assistive technology products, such as screen readers, while you work in the application. You can also use the keyboard instead of the mouse.

This table lists the supported accessibility features.

Feature Description
Zoom You can use your browser's zoom feature to resize text up to two hundred percent without loss of content or functionality.
Contrast Large-scale text, and images of large-scale text have a contrast ratio of at least 3:1. Other text and images of text have a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1.
Screen Reader You can use screen readers. No special mode is required to enable it.
Timing Adjustable If you experience being timed out of the application, your Oracle Identity Cloud Service administrator can extend the session expiry period.

Privacy Regulations and Data Protection

Only information necessary to make recommendations is stored from the info provided by your recruitment application. Personal identifiable information is not stored.

Data Deletion

Candidates you delete from your recruitment application are assigned the status DELETED and removed from the records after 30 days. These candidates won't show in recommendations.

If you stop your subscription, all data is deleted after 60 days. See the Oracle Cloud Suspension and Termination Policy in the Oracle Cloud Hosting and Delivery Policies document available on the Oracle Cloud Services page for more information.

Data Modification

The Best Candidates feature doesn’t hold data that can be edited, corrected, or directly accessed. You can access and update candidate data in your recruitment application only.

Data Security

Oracle Identity Cloud Service uses multifactor authentication, encryption, and custom allowlists. For more information, refer to the following topics in Administering Oracle Identity Cloud Service.
  • Understand Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Understand Network Perimeters

  • Understand Administrator Roles

Consent Notice

The Best Candidates feature doesn’t provide any consent notice. Your recruitment application manages consent forms and opt-out options.

Privacy and Cookies

All consumer data is anonymized and secured in Oracle Cloud. Your system logs are stored in your regulatory region. They are accessible for service optimization only.

The Best Candidates feature doesn’t use any tracking technologies, such as cookies and device fingerprinting.