Welcome to Adaptive Intelligence for Financials

Read this guide to learn how to set up and use early payment programs. Payments managers in Oracle Financials Cloud can use the APR recommendations to offer ad hoc early payment discounts to their suppliers. Payment discounts managers in Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps for ERP can use the APR recommendations to add further value when managing supplier enrollments in standing offers.

Supplier categories, combined with data from Oracle DataFox, help you identify target suppliers for early payment discounts programs. You can use this data as input to help you make sourcing decisions when negotiating with suppliers or managing standing offers for potential early payment discounts.

Note: Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps for ERP is supported on desktop devices with a minimum native screen resolution of 1280 x 1024. For detailed information on Oracle's browser support policy, see https://www.oracle.com/system-requirements/.

User Administration

The roles in Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS) determine which tasks users can perform in the application. If you have the appropriate privileges, you can manage users in IDCS and assign them to specific roles. Select the User Administration shortcut on the user menu to go to IDCS, where you can map users to roles. See Manage Oracle Identity Cloud Service Users for information about user administration.


You can use assistive technology products, such as screen readers, while you work in the application. You can also use the keyboard instead of the mouse. The following table lists the supported accessibility features for Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps for ERP.

Feature Description


You can resize text up to two hundred percent without loss of content or functionality. This is a browser feature and is not available within the application.


Large-scale text, and images of large-scale text have a contrast ratio of at least 3:1. Other text and images of text have a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1.

Screen Reader

You can use screen readers. No special mode is required to enable it.

Timing Adjustable

If you experience problems being timed out of the application, your administrator can extend the session expiration period in the settings in Oracle Identity Cloud Service.

Privacy and Cookies

All personal information data is anonymized and secured in Oracle Cloud. Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps for ERP doesn't use any tracking technologies, such as cookies and device fingerprinting.

Implementation Workflow

Follow these high-level steps to get started with your service, and click the links to get more detailed instructions where you need them. Have the email handy that you received from your Oracle representative after ordering and activating the service. The email contains tenant-specific values you will need for the setup steps.

Step 1: Create users and assign roles

Create the users and roles in Oracle Financials Cloud to enable communication and data exchange for adaptive intelligence. Create the user to access the administrator tasks in Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps for ERP. See Create Users and Assign Roles.

Step 2: Opt in for adaptive intelligence features

In the Setup and Maintenance work area of Oracle Financials Cloud, enable the Early Payment Offers feature. See Opt In for Early Payment Discount Offers.

Step 3: Set up adaptive intelligence

On the Connections page in Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps for ERP, make the connections for your integrations. On the Settings page, choose your preferred conversion currency settings and the APR threshold for recommendations. See Set Up Adaptive Intelligence.