Create an Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse Trial Instance

After your request for a trial has been approved, you can create a trial instance for development and testing purposes only.

You can use the trial for its approved duration. On the 60th day from your trial end date, your trial instance is terminated, and you're notified in an email. If you’re satisfied with the product, then you can convert the trial offering to a subscription offering before the end of the trial period. See Convert the Trial Instance to a Subscription Instance.
  1. Sign in to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.
  2. Open the navigation menu. Under Solutions and Platform, click Analytics, and then click Fusion Analytics Warehouse.
    If your trial request was approved, you see the service instances page with a message that trials are enabled. For example, if you’ve an approved trial of Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics, then you see a message that trials are enabled for ERP.
  3. On the Instances page, click Create Instance.
  4. Optional: Select a compartment if you want to place the service instance in a compartment other than the default root compartment that Oracle created for you.


    Ensure that you have created a compartment before you select it here. See Managing Compartments.
  5. Provide a display name for the service.
    This name needn't be unique and can contain alphanumeric and special characters.
  6. Provide a name for the instance.
    This name should be unique in your tenancy (only names of deleted services can be reused). Also, this name can contain only alphanumeric characters without spaces.
  7. Provide a description for the service.
    The description is optional and can contain as many as 255 alphanumeric and special characters.

    You see the intended use as "Development/Test" and the offerings are automatically configured based on the approved trial. For example if you have an approved trial for 10 ERP users, then you see the number of users for the instance automatically configured to 10 ERP users.

  8. In Fusion Application Connection, provide the Oracle Applications Cloud URL (not the Login URL) and credentials of the FAWService user from your Oracle Applications Cloud instance.
    The FAWService user is a predefined user provisioned in Oracle Applications Cloud and is used by the data pipeline functionality in Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse. This user account has the appropriate data security privileges granted on the Oracle Applications Cloud view objects to bulk extract data from Oracle Applications Cloud into the data warehouse.


    Ensure that you have reset the password for the FAWService user in Oracle Applications Cloud prior to entering the new password. See Reset Passwords.
  9. Optional: Click Test Connection to check the connection to the Oracle Applications Cloud instance and confirm whether the credentials are valid.
  10. In Autonomous Data Warehouse Administrator Credentials, provide an administrator password for the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse that's provisioned in your tenancy to store the transformed data.
  11. The email address for notification is pre-populated from the user name. If the user name isn't an email address, then provide a valid email address for notifications.
  12. Optional: Add tags to your instance.
  13. Click Create Instance.
Oracle sends an email to the designated email address when your service is ready. Alternatively, you can display the Activity page to check the current status. When the status changes from CREATING to ACTIVE, the service is ready to use.

Navigate to the Details page for the new service to access the Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse URL and associated Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. On the Details page, you see the number of trial users. From here, you can also view or modify details such as the password for your Oracle Applications Cloud instance and the administrator password for the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. You can also delete the service instance that's no longer required.