About Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse enables you to analyze your Oracle Applications Cloud data and generate visualizations and reports.

This packaged service includes Oracle Analytics Cloud and is powered by Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. The service extracts and loads data from your Oracle Applications Cloud into an instance of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. You can then use Oracle Analytics Cloud to customize existing dashboards and create dashboards. An Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse service administrator can't access or change features available under the following Oracle Analytics Cloud Console tiles:
  • System Settings
  • Users and Roles
  • Snapshots
  • Connections
  • Virus Scanner
  • Social
Additionally, Mobile administration is disabled for the Oracle Analytics Cloud instance associated with the Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse instance.

This service consists of a data pipeline, data warehouse, semantic model, and best-practice content such as prebuilt KPIs, dashboards, and reports. Oracle manages the service starting with deployment through performance monitoring, upgrades, and maintenance for the pre-built content. You can customize the pre-built content as defined in the Customize Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse section.

You must configure the included semantic model only with the embedded Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse tools and deployed only on the Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse service instance. You mustn’t configure the included semantic model with non-Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse tools including Oracle Analytics Client Tools, Oracle Analytics Administration Tool, or APIs.

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse runs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and is integrated with many infrastructure services. Before you begin using Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse, you should become familiar with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. See Welcome to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Region Availability

Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse is available in the following regions currently:

Region Location Region Name Region Key
Ashburn, VA us-ashburn-1 IAD
Dubai, UAE me-dubai-1 DXB
Frankfurt, Germany eu-frankfurt-1 FRA
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia me-jeddah-1 JED
London, United Kingdom uk-london-1 LHR
Phoenix, AZ us-phoenix-1 PHX
Sao Paulo, Brazil sa-saopaulo-1 GRU
Sydney, Australia ap-sydney-1 SYD
Toronto, Canada ca-toronto-1 YYZ