Place and Activate the Order for Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse

After you have activated your Oracle Cloud account, contact your Oracle sales representative to place an order for a subscription or a trial offering of Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse.

After an order is placed, if you’ve a single Oracle Cloud account with universal credits, then Oracle activates your service in that cloud account and sends an email with the subscription details to the Cloud Account administrator. If you’ve multiple Oracle Cloud accounts, then as the Cloud Account Administrator, you receive an email asking you to activate your Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse service. Ensure that you select the Oracle Cloud account in the region where Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse is available, and you are the administrator of the cloud account too.

  1. In the email, click Activate.
    You see the Activate My Services! page.
  2. On the Activate My Services! page, select the cloud account name and click Assign Account.
    Once the order is activated, you receive an email with the details of the subscription and a temporary password to the cloud account.
  3. In the email with subscription details, click the My Services URL and use the temporary credentials shared in the email.
    The My Services page directs you to reset your password.
  4. Reset the temporary password.
    You use this password to sign in to My Services and access the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.