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Use the Watchlist to track important business objects and open the pages where you work on those items. Items are organized into categories, and the Watchlist tells you how many of each item you have. For example, in the Expenses category, one Watchlist item is the Reports awaiting submission link. You can click the link to open the Expenses work area, and edit and submit those two expense reports. To open your watchlist, you can click the Watchlist icon in the global header, only if your default home page layout is Panel or Banner.


Aside from using predefined Watchlist items, you can create your own items, based on saved searches. You can also use preferences to determine which categories and items to show or hide in your Watchlist

Creating Watchlist Items: Procedure

Some saved searches are available for you to use as Watchlist items. Open a page that has saved searches and the Manage Watchlist button enabled. All saved searches from this page that you designate as Watchlist items would appear within one predefined Watchlist category.

Using Saved Searches as Watchlist Items

Follow these steps:

  1. Create a saved search or decide which existing one to use as a Watchlist item.

  2. Click Manage Watchlist.

  3. Select the saved search you just created or any other that you want to use as a Watchlist item.

Removing Saved Searches from the Watchlist

To remove a Watchlist item based on a saved search, deselect it in the Manage Watchlist dialog box.

If you deleted the saved search first, then also deselect it from the Manage Watchlist dialog box. Otherwise, it remains in the Manage Watchlist dialog box and your Watchlist until the next refresh.

Use your Watchlist preferences to show or hide specific items or categories in your Watchlist.

The preferences contain:

  • All the predefined Watchlist categories and items available to you

  • Any saved searches you're using as Watchlist items

Setting Watchlist Preferences

Follow these steps:

  1. Click your user name or image in the global header, and go to Personalization > Set Preferences > Watchlist.

  2. Use the Enabled check box to display or hide any Watchlist item or category.

    Note: Disabling a category automatically hides all of its items.
  3. Optionally hide enabled Watchlist items that show no records.

FAQs for Watchlist

Items might be hidden based on your Watchlist preferences. These preferences also apply to saved searches that you're using as Watchlist items. To review your preferences, select your user name or image in the global header, and go to Personalization > Set Preferences > Watchlist.

Other possibilities could be that:

  • You deselected saved searches in the Manage Watchlist dialog box, so they're no longer used as Watchlist items.

  • You deleted saved searches that were used as Watchlist items.

  • Your administrator disabled specific predefined Watchlist items or categories for all users.

  • Your administrator disabled using saved searches (from specific pages) as Watchlist items.

  • Your administrator revoked access to tasks or pages that used to be available to you.

In these cases, you can no longer see the corresponding Watchlist items in your Watchlist and in your Watchlist preferences.

How can I rename Watchlist items?

If the item is your saved search, then rename the saved search itself. The Watchlist item name gets updated the next time that the Watchlist refreshes.

You can't rename predefined Watchlist items yourself. You can ask your administrator to do so, but the changes apply to all users.

Watchlist item counts are refreshed periodically. Relevant records could have been created, edited, or deleted since the last refresh.