1Overview of Extracting Data from FA Cloud Sources

Overview of Extracting Fusion Applications Cloud Data

Introduction to extracting data from Oracle Fusion Applications Cloud data sources.


Overview of BI Cloud Connector

You can use BI Cloud Connector to extract business intelligence and other data in bulk and load it into designated storage areas. Let’s say you want to extract data for load into a warehouse for analysis. You determine which offerings and columns you want to extract, set the storage type and location for your extract, and run a one-time extract or incremental scheduled extracts.

You can easily:

  • Extract data for your offerings in an easily-used format.

  • Define your own offerings and associate data stores, or view objects, with them.

  • Register custom objects.

  • Refine the scope of columns in offering data stores included in a Cloud Extract.

  • Export configured offerings and associated data stores.

  • Use full or incremental extracts.

  • Manage refresh metadata and specify dates for incremental refresh comparison.

  • Specify where Cloud Extracts are stored.

  • Schedule daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly extracts.

  • Run an ad-hoc extract.

  • Manage extracts as specific jobs, isolating incremental refresh metadata.

  • Monitor extracts and review logs.

Cloud Extract Flow

Cloud extracts can be delivered as files to different types of storage locations, after which they may be transformed and loaded into a data warehouse or other databases.

  • Oracle Storage Cloud Service, including Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

  • Universal Content Management (UCM)

Data extraction architecture overview, with BICC extracting from the transactional source and extracts being loaded in target data stores.

Starting BI Cloud Connector

To extract Fusion Applications Cloud data, you use BI Cloud Connector, which is deployed on your Fusion Applications pod.

You start BI Cloud Connector using a HTTP URL based on the following format: http://FA OHS Host:FA OHS Port/biacm. You can also start BI Cloud Connector using the Web link and login details supplied to you by Oracle Cloud Support.

Loading Data into a Cloud Storage Service Area

To perform a Cloud Extract into an Oracle Cloud Storage Service area, you select the Cloud Storage Service storage type in BI Cloud Connector.

Loading Data into a UCM Storage Area

To perform a Cloud Extract into a UCM storage area, you select the UCM storage type in BI Cloud Connector .

Scheduling a Cloud Extract

To keep your data up-to-date, you use the Manage Extract Schedules option in BI Cloud Connector to create a regular Cloud Extract. For example, you might schedule a Cloud Extract to execute at 2.00 AM each day.

Monitoring a Cloud Extract

To monitor the last extract run, you use the Manage Extract Schedules page in BI Cloud Connector.