This chapter contains the following:

We all can use a helping hand sometimes. To get help for what you're working on, use the help icons that are on many of the pages you use. The icons open help windows that can have informational text, links to help content, or both, and maybe even help that your company added.

Use Help Windows

Here's what you do:

  1. If you don't see any help icons, click your user image or name in the global header and select Show Help Icons. You reveal any icons on your current page, but not all pages have help icons.

  2. Click a help icon. If the icon isn't next to the page title, then the help window gives you information specific to the part of the page that the icon is on.

  3. On the help window, click any of the links available.

    • You see help links in your preferred language only if there's content in that language. If not, you see links in English.

    • Help content opens in a new browser tab so you can keep that open while you work.

    • You can do more with the help than just read it. Options can include printing, downloading, bookmarking, or emailing the help.

Browse and Search for Help

Most of the links open guides in the Oracle Help Center. You can use the Table of Contents tab to move around in the guide for other information.

To search within a guide:

  1. Open the Search tab.

  2. With the Search this book option selected, enter your keywords and run the search.

  3. In the new browser tab showing the search results, find the entry you want and click one of the two links for that entry.

    • The first link takes you to the beginning of the relevant chapter.

    • The second link takes you directly to the part of the chapter that contains the summary text that you see in the search result.

Tip: To open the Oracle Help Center at any time, click your user image or name in the global header and select Applications Help.

Find Your Way Around the Oracle Help Center

The Oracle Help Center (https://docs.oracle.com) has guides, videos, information about releases and updates, and other resources for Oracle Applications Cloud. In the application, when you click links in help windows, most of the time you open a specific guide in the Help Center. From there, you can search or browse to find other content. Let's take a look at how you can move around and find what you're looking for in the Help Center.

Browse for Content

To find guides and other materials for a specific cloud service:

  1. In the Oracle Help Center, open the main menu and click Cloud Applications.

  2. Click the name of your cloud service. This is also your starting point if you got to the Help Center by clicking your image or user name in the global header and selecting Applications Help.

  3. Select a release update for the cloud service, if you need to.

  4. Get to a specific guide, video, or other resource.

    • Here are some examples of where you might go on the cloud service page to browse for information:

      • Learn What's New panel: Get information about new features and other changes for the release update.

      • Tasks section in the navigation pane: Click a task category and then a specific task, to open the guide that covers the task.

      • REST API section in the navigation pane: Get reference information about REST APIs.

    • Click the Videos or Books link in the navigation pane to get all the videos or guides for the cloud service.

      • On the Videos or Books page, you can use the View list to filter by category.

      • Most guides are available in multiple formats, for example HTML and PDF.

Tip: Use the breadcrumbs to get to other parts of the Help Center.

Search for What You Want

The scope of the search depends on the page you're on in the Oracle Help Center. For example, on the Cloud Documentation page, you search across all cloud services in Oracle. On the pages for a specific cloud service, you search only within that service.