9Guided Learning

This chapter contains the following:

If you have Oracle Guided Learning, you can create interactive guides and more to help people learn how to use Oracle Applications Cloud. For example, a guide takes users through each step of a task while they're in the application, down to which buttons to click and which fields to fill out. Most importantly, they get through the task in a way that fits your own business processes and practices.

After you create content in Oracle Guided Learning, here's how you can apply it to the application so that you can test things out and then make it available to your users.

  1. Set the Guided Learning Enabled (FND_GUIDED_LEARNING_ENABLED) profile option to Yes at the Site level.

    • Use the Manage Applications Core Administrator Profile Values task in the Application Extensions functional area.

    • You only need to do this once.

  2. Activate a sandbox with the Guided Learning tool selected.

  3. Define some settings to make sure that your Guided Learning content shows up in the application the way you want it.

    1. In the Setup and Maintenance work area, go to the Configure Guided Learning task in the Application Extensions functional area.

    2. On the Configure Guided Learning page, enter the application ID that was given to you when you first got Oracle Guided Learning.

    3. Select an Environment option based on what Guided Learning content you want to see in the application:

      • Development: Draft and published content

      • Production: Only published content

    4. In the Role Mapping table, select roles that you created Guided Learning content for. Let's say you want users with the Employee (ORA_PER_EMPLOYEE_ABSTRACT) role to see the content you assigned to the Employee role in Guided Learning.

      • In the Role Used in Application column, enter ORA_PER_EMPLOYEE_ABSTRACT.

      • In the Guided Learning Role column, select Employee.

      You can map multiple roles in the application to the same Guided Learning role.

    5. Optionally add any custom Javascript in the Advanced Settings section to affect how your Guided Learning content looks or works.

    6. Click Save and Close.

  4. Test your Guided Learning content while you're in the sandbox.

  5. Go back to Guided Learning to make any changes to your guides, including changing content from draft to published.

  6. When you're ready, publish the sandbox to make your content available to users.

Next time you have new or changed Guided Learning content, start from step 2 again.