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Why should I care about social networking in my application?

Wouldn't it be great if you could instantly share an aspect of your application with everyone who plays a part in getting the job done? Without having to start an untold number of e-mail threads that then get forwarded to other people, until it's impossible to know who's in charge of what?

When you share a business object with the social network - like a Sales Opportunity or a Purchase Order - you create a Social Object. With the Social Object, you can bring all your stakeholders together in a single place to get the collaborative ball rolling and keep a record of everything that has transpired. So, new folks can easily jump in and come up to speed.

What does social networking have to do with my job?

Social networking isn't just for social situations anymore.

Here are some key reasons for using social networking in your business applications:

  • In a business object, open Conversations on the spot and discuss details while looking at them. No worries about keeping two sets of data synchronized. The details you see in your social network are the same you see in your business application.

  • All communications are organized automatically by business object, so no wasted time with filing and searching through e-mails.

  • Quickly engage resources as needed to address issues or solve problems. Invite new members to the Conversation so that they can easily see the complete history.

  • Share presentations and other documents, and get inputs from other team members. Web conference not required. Juggling e-mail responses not required.

  • Get real-time notifications about updates to key Conversations.

  • Develop and expand your professional network.

  • Connect and engage with others covering the same industry, product specialization, or geography.

Where to Find Information About Social Networking

Social networking includes many features to make collaborating on projects easier.

You can use Oracle Social Network features in:

  • Oracle CX Sales

  • Oracle B2B Service

  • Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud

  • Oracle Financials Cloud

  • Oracle Procurement Cloud

  • Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud

  • Oracle Risk Management Cloud

  • Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud

  • Oracle Talent Management Cloud

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