1Get Started

This chapter contains the following:

About This Guide

If you want to configure digital assistant for Cloud Applications, this guide is for you. Use it to learn how to do general tasks, such as configure, access, set up, export, and import digital assistant for your Cloud Applications. You can also learn how to configure several channels to associate them with digital assistant. If you're looking for information about any product-specific skills, refer to the product-specific guides.


Use Oracle Digital Assistant to improve user satisfaction and make your application more engaging. With digital assistant, your users get instant responses from the application through conversations. You can configure digital assistant and use it.

Before You Start

Consider these points before you get started with configuring digital assistant for your users.

  • Make sure you have subscribed to the services related to digital assistant.

  • Get a Twilio account to configure Oracle Digital Assistant on SMS channel. Make sure that you note down the account SID, authentication token, and phone number from your Twilio account. For more information on Twilio account, see https://www.twilio.com/.

Here are a few URLs you must know:

Application URL

Oracle Applications Cloud

https://<Fusion domain>.fa.<data center>.oraclecloud.com/fscmUI/faces/FuseWelcome

Identity Cloud Service

https://<Identity Domain ID>.identity.oraclecloud.com/ui/v1/adminconsole

Where to Find Information About Product-Specific Digital Assistants

Here are some resources to help you get going.

Oracle Sales Assistant

Oracle Expense Assistant

Oracle Public Sector Compliance and Regulation Assistant