Hide or Show Help Icons

By default, help icons that open help windows are visible. You can control whether users see the icons every time they sign in, on any page with help icons. You can disable or enable help icons by default, for everyone.

  1. In the Setup and Maintenance work area, go to the Set Help Options task in the Application Extensions functional area.

  2. On the Set Help Options page, deselect or select the Show help icons by default check box. You just need to do this for one offering, and the setting applies to everyone.

  3. Sign out and sign back in to see your change take effect. The same goes for any user next time they sign in.

To show or hide the icons in a specific user session, people can still click their user image or name in the global header and select Show Help Icons or Hide Help Icons.

Note: What we are talking about here affects only help windows, not help text that appears when you hover over or click certain UI elements on the page. To edit or delete UI element help text, use Page Composer or other tools.