How Workflow Tasks Are Archived and Purged

Workflow tasks with a final status of Completed, Errored, Expired, or Withdrawn can be archived and purged. In progress tasks with statuses like Assigned, Information Requested, or Suspended aren't eligible.

  • Archiving keeps a copy of the task data for audit, data retention or analysis, and other purposes.

  • Purging removes the completed tasks from users' worklists and permanently deletes the original data.


Tasks are automatically archived once a day without you having to set anything up. You can't change or stop this automatic archive, which includes all eligible tasks that aren't archived yet. These scheduled processes run in this order to get the daily archive done:

  • Extract Workflow Tasks for Archive

  • Process Translations for Workflow Tasks Archive

  • Upload Workflow Task Attachments for Archive

Here are some things to know about these processes:

  • All three scheduled processes must complete for tasks to get archived. But, as soon as Extract Workflow Tasks for Archive is done, the tasks are available for purge.

  • Though unlikely, if you ever need to archive more frequently, you can use the Scheduled Processes work area to manually run these processes in the same order. Make sure one process finishes before you submit another.

    You have the option to set parameters for the Extract Workflow Tasks for Archive process. But let's say you leave the default with 50000 as the number of tasks in a batch and a maximum runtime of 120 minutes. That means the process will archive in batches of 50000 workflow tasks. If it's still running after two hours, the process finishes archiving the current batch and then stops. You can check the log file of the process to see how many tasks are included in the archive.

Archived data includes task details, approval history, comments, and attachments. How you view or use the archived data depends on the products you're using. For example, the data might be displayed in a table on a page, or available through a business intelligence subject area that you can select to create an analysis.

These are the database tables that store the archived data:









Archived tasks that were last updated over 30 days ago are purged without you doing any setup. The purge runs daily at midnight. You can't change or stop this automatic purge.

After a task is purged, users can no longer find it in BPM Worklist or the Worklist: Notifications and Approvals work area. The task's approval history won't be available either. But, the tasks are still in the archive tables and available in analytics or anything else that reflects the archived data.