Add Your Content to a Help Window

The easiest way to add help is to start in the help window where you want the help link to appear. You can add links to web pages, upload files, or create help pages in a text editor.

  1. Go to the page where you want to add help and click the help icon. If you don't see any help icons, click your user image or name in the global header and select Show Help Icons. But not all pages have help icons.

  2. In the help window, click the Manage Help Content link.

  3. In the Manage Help Content dialog box, click Create.

  4. Select a help type:

    • Text: Use a rich text or HTML editor to enter your help content. You can include images, videos, and links.

    • File: Upload a file of any type. Your file opens when users click the link in the help window.

    • URL: Enter the full URL to a website or a file of any type, for example a YouTube video.

  5. Select a help security group if you need to restrict access to your help content. Only users with roles in the security group will be able to see the help. The predefined Secured group includes all internal employees and contingent workers.

  6. Set the status as Active if you want people to see your help in the help window. Or, you can inactivate your help so that it doesn't appear until you activate it later.

  7. Enter the title, which is the text of the link in the help window.

  8. If your help type is File, enter a description which users might see after they click the link on the help window, depending on their browser setting.

  9. Select another language if your content isn't in American English. In help windows, users see added help in the language they're using for the application.

  10. Select a country if your help is targeted at a specific country. Based on what users set in the Territory field for their regional preferences, they see generic added help plus added help tagged for their country. There's no impact on predefined help.

  11. If your help type is Text, enter your content in the text editor. Or you can click the Source Code Editing Mode icon to switch to an HTML editor.

  12. Save your work. Be aware that you won't be able to see the new link in the Manage Help Content dialog box or the help window if you set it up for a language, country, or security group that doesn't apply to you.

  13. To check your work, click your link in the help window.

Tip: Help that you add using the Text or File type has a unique URL. So, you can link to it from other help or web pages. Updates to the application won't affect the URL or your help content.