Determine Which Links Appear and in What Order

You can choose to show or hide any of the help you added or any of the predefined help. For the help you added, you can also change the order they appear in the help window.

  • While you create help or edit the help that you added, you can set the status so that the link is either shown or hidden in the help window.

  • To show or hide predefined help:

    1. In the Manage Help Content dialog box, select a title in the Predefined Help section.

    2. Click the Change Status button.

    3. In the Change Status dialog box, select Active or Inactive.

    4. Click Save and Close.

    If multiple help windows link to the same predefined help, the status you set here affects all those windows.

  • Click the Reorder button on the Manage Help Content dialog box to set the order for links to the help that you added. Your links always show up first in the help window, before any predefined help.