Overview of Tables and Views

This guide contains the information about tables for common features within Oracle Applications Cloud and their columns, primary keys, and indexes. It also includes the information about views for common features within Oracle Applications Cloud along with the columns and queries associated with each view. For your reference:

  • Tables are the basic unit of data storage, where data is stored in rows and columns. For example, the ATK_KR_INFO_TYPES table stores information about source XML document types. This table stores attributes, such as the document type, topic type, user who created the table, and date of last update.

  • Views are the logical representation of a table or combination of tables. A view is a stored query that derives its data from the tables on which it is based. For example, the ATK_KR_INFO_TYPES_VL view is based on the ATK_KR_INFO_TYPES table, and shows attributes queried from this table.

Note: Don't use the information in this guide to build data extracts or analytics and reports.