Review Employee Vacation and Delegation Rules

Use the Employee Vacation and Delegation Rules Report to get details about the rules that users defined to reassign or delegate the workflow tasks assigned to them. This report is available as a scheduled process.

For example, your employee is on vacation, and you need to know what happens to tasks assigned to them during that time. The report tells you if they have set up a rule to reassign or delegate to someone else to approve. You can also see who the designated person is.

Before You Start

Review this before you run the report:

  • You can run the report as a scheduled process from the Scheduled Processes work area if you have a custom role that contains the following:
  • Run the report on an as needed basis, whenever you need information about users' vacation or other delegation rules. Don't submit this report to run on a recurring schedule.

Report Parameters

The report includes rules that are active, inactive, or both on the day that you run the report. Let’s say you run the report on November 10, and select October 1 for the From Date parameter and October 30 for the To Date parameter.

And for example, there are three rules with these active dates:

  1. September 25 to October 10
  2. October 5 to October 15
  3. October 30 to November 30

The report can potentially include any of these rules, which have active dates within the period you set in the From Date and To Date parameters. What you select for the Rule Status parameter determines which of the three rules are actually included in the report:

  • Active: Only the third rule is included because only that rule is still active on November 10.
  • Inactive: Only the first two rules are included because those are inactive on November 10.
  • All: All three rules are included.
Note: If you leave the From Date and To Date parameters blank, the report runs as if you had entered the first and last date of the current month.

Report Output

You don’t need to define the output when you submit the report. You will get a spreadsheet with these sections:

  • Originator Employee Details: Information about the user who defined the rule.
  • Rule Details: Information about the rule, including when the rule is effective and any conditions that a workflow task must meet for the rule to apply. There are two types of rules:
    • Vacation: A rule for when the user is out of office.
    • Delegation: Any other rule that the user defined for tasks assigned to them, for example to delegate or reassign tasks based on certain conditions.
  • Destination Employee Details: Information about the person whom tasks are delegated or reassigned to.

If you don't get a spreadsheet, or the spreadsheet is blank, one thing you can do is to contact your security administrator. Confirm if you do in fact have the privileges listed earlier.