Set Language Preferences

Use the General Preferences: Language page of the Set Preferences work area to set your language preferences.

To set language preferences:

  1. Click Navigator > Tools > Set Preferences.

  2. From the Default list, select the language you want to set as the default language. Your entire application and all its elements, such as UI text, page names, and field names are displayed in this language. The input data for fields will not be translated automatically to the selected language.

    Note: If the languages you want to set aren't available on the General Preferences: Language page, contact your help desk.
  3. From the Current Session list, select the language to be used in the current session until you either log off or change your language preference.

  4. From the Display Name list, select the language to be used for your display name in the global header. For example, if your name is Christy, and you select Spanish for your display name, then your name will be displayed as Christie. If the equivalent of a name doesn't exist in the preferred display language, or if the display language isn't set, then the user names are displayed in the preferred default language.