Get Help in the Application

To get help for what you're working on, use help icons that are on many of the pages. The icons open help windows that can have informational text, links to help content, and maybe even help that your company added.

If you have an issue that you still can't resolve, you might need to contact your help desk or try to troubleshoot yourself if possible, for example by running diagnostic tests.

Use Help Windows

Here's what you do:

  1. Click a help icon. The help window gives you information specific to the page or part of the page that the icon is on.

  2. In the help window, click any of the links available.

    • You see help links in your preferred language only if there's content in that language. If not, you see links in English.

    • Help content opens in a new browser tab so you can keep that open while you work.

    • You can do more with the help than just read it. Options can include sharing or downloading the help.

  3. Most of the links open guides in the Oracle Help Center.

    • Use the Table of Contents tab to move around in the guide for other information. Or, to search within the guide, use the search in the Oracle Help Center global header.
    • You can also use the panel on the opposite side of the table of contents to jump directly to a specific section of the help that's currently open. Click the Secondary section icon to hide or show this panel at any time.

What to Do If You Don't See Help Icons

If you don't see any help icons on the page, click your user image or name in the global header and select Show Help Icons. You reveal any icons on your current page, and any other page you might use, but not all pages have help icons. In that case, click your user image or name in the global header and select Applications Help to open the Oracle Help Center.