Review Feature Updates

Some features may change their behavior in a future update. You can use the Feature Updates work area to review the features whose behavior will change in the future and prepare accordingly.

For example, a feature that was available for opting in to could change to being always enabled, thereby preventing you from opting in to or opting out of it. Or, the feature could become obsolete and therefore, is no longer applicable. Likewise, a feature that's set to remain always enabled could become obsolete in the future.

You need the following privileges to review feature updates:


  • Configure Oracle Fusion Applications Offering (ASM_CONFIGURE_OFFERING_PRIV)

Here's how you can review feature updates.

  1. Click Navigator > My Enterprise > Feature Updates.

  2. Leave the Feature Overview value to its default selection of All Enabled Offerings so that you can review features related to all your enabled offerings. Or, select an offering from the menu to review features specific to that offering.

  3. On the Features Updates tab, for each updated feature, review the information in these columns:

    • Functional Area: To determine the related functional module or business process. You can use the filter to limit the list of the features to specific functional areas.

      Note: Features that are directly associated with the offering will show offering name followed by the word Common.
    • Available In: To know when the feature was introduced. Use the filter to limit the feature list to a specific update.

    • Learn More: To find additional help topics.

      Tip: If the Learn More column isn't visible, go to the global header, click your user image or name, and select Show Help Icons.
    • Enabled: To view the opt-in status. You will see a check mark if it's already enabled. Otherwise, you will see an icon to enable it.

    • Changes From, Changes To, and Changes In: To find out whether the feature's behavior will change in the future, and if yes, in which update. A feature may change:

      • From Allows Opt-In to Always Enabled

      • From Always Enabled to Obsolete

      • From Allows Opt-In to Obsolete

      For features whose behavior will change in the next update, the Change In value is highlighted to draw your attention. You can also use the filters for these columns to focus on changes from one specific behavior to another, or on all upcoming changes in a specific update.