Review of Export and Import Process Results

Export and import process results help you monitor the progress of setup data export or import processes while they're running, and to review their results after the processes complete.

The results are shown in three sections:

  • Summary

  • Business Objects

  • Manual Tasks.


This section shows a summary of the export or import process, which includes:

  • The date and time of the export or import process, and its completion status.

  • Total number of business objects processed.

  • How many business objects were processed successfully.

  • How many business objects completed processing with errors.

  • How many business objects completed processing with warnings.

  • How many setup objects require manual export or import.

Business Objects

This section lists the business objects whose setup data was exported and imported. The sequence of the results is the same sequence in which the business objects were processed.

If the process completes successfully, all business objects are listed. If the process completes with errors or warnings, the list includes only those business objects that encountered errors or warnings.

Review the status details for each business object, which shows you how many records were processed. If the status details of a business object indicate that the object was already processed and references another object in the message, then locate the referenced object to review its status details.

If the business object encountered errors, the status details also include detailed information about the errors, and refer to the product which supports the business object. When you log bugs on this business object, use the referenced product and attach the corresponding log file with the bug.

Manual Tasks

Some of the setup data for a configuration can't be automatically exported and imported since export or import services may not be available for them. You must manually export or import this setup data to ensure that all the relevant setup data is migrated. To best plan your implementation, this section shows you which setup data you must manually export after the export process completes and recommends when (before, during, or after the import process) you should manually import your setup data. Oracle recommends that you follow the same method you used to enter the setup data for each of these tasks.

Additionally, if user intentionally excluded some data during export, the impacted tasks appear listed as Manual Tasks that require manually importing the corresponding data. These tasks are labeled as “Excluded by user”.

Note: When reviewing the results of export and import processes based on implementation projects, the Manual Tasks are available from the Export and Import Process Results page. Click the Review Tasks for External Import button from the Object Details table to access the Manual Tasks.

Export and Import Process Reports

Each time you run an export or import setup data process, a Process Results Summary, a Process Results report, Manual Tasks, and a Log File generate automatically.

  • Process Results Summary report is a text file that displays summary information and the status details of each setup business object processed by the export or import process.

  • Process Results report is a text file that displays the status of an export or import process, and detailed information about encountered during the process. These reports show the same information as the export and import results seen directly in the application.

  • Manual Tasks is a text file that provides information about data for tasks that you need to manually export and import. It also recommends when such data is required during import process.

  • Log File is a text file that displays detailed information for about each setup object processed by the export or import process.

You can download the export and import process results report from the Actions menu. Alternatively, you click the Download button from the Export and Import Process Results page, and select the report you want to download.