Set Up an Offering with Scope

You can use the Setup and Maintenance work area to directly implement an entire offering or the functional areas within an offering.

You need the Functional Setups User (ORA_ASM_FUNCTIONAL_SETUPS_USER_ABSTRACT) role to set up an offering, and a role with task-specific privileges to enter and modify setup data. If you intend to handle setup data for an offering, you might need an appropriate application administrator role as well.

  1. Click Navigator > My Enterprise > Setup and Maintenance.

  2. In the Setup and Maintenance work area, select the offering you want to implement.

  3. Review the list of functional areas. If a functional area isn't listed, then it's not enabled. To enable the functional area, follow the steps in the Configure Offerings topic.

  4. If you're setting up this offering for the first time, select the functional areas one at a time in the order they're listed. If you're making changes to existing setup data, select the applicable functional area.

  5. If Quick Setup is available for the functional area, then you can use Quick Setup to enter data instead of using the related setup tasks. Click the icon and proceed.

  6. Enter setup data for a functional area by selecting its tasks in the order they're listed. Select a task to open the page where you enter setup data for that task. To modify existing setup data, just select the relevant task directly.

    Note: If the functional area requires any mandatory setup, then only the tasks for entering the required setup data are shown by default. If all setup data is optional for the functional area, then all tasks are shown by default. To see the full list of required and optional tasks for the functional area, select All Tasks from the Show list.
  7. If the task requires a scope, select a scope value before you proceed. If you previously selected a scope value, then that value is listed in the Scope column. Ensure it's the correct value and if needed, select a different value. You can create a new value, select and add an existing value, or select one from the list of previously selected values. Click Apply and Go to Task when you finished your selection. Unless you change it, the selected scope value is used for all tasks that use the same scope.

  8. Enter setup data. When you finish, close the page, which returns you to the setup task list.

  9. Continue to select other tasks from the list as needed and enter setup data for them.