This chapter contains the following:

Enable and Use Cobrowse

Cobrowse enables you to view a customer's desktop to more efficiently resolve an issue. You use Cobrowse to have the same view as the customer, and review their issue. You must enable the cobrowse functionality in both the customer portal and Oracle B2B Service.

  1. In the Edit Service Request page, click Actions and select Launch co-browse.

    Instruct the customer to launch the request live assistance functionality from the website that they are on currently. This request by the customer generates a security code, which they can share with you. By providing this code to you, the customer is verbally allowing you to view their screen.

  2. Enter your first and last name and the code provided by the customer in the new console window that opens.

  3. Click Connect.

Oracle Cobrowse

Oracle Cobrowse Cloud Service is a collaboration tool which helps agents collaborate with customers. Agents work on customer's screen during real-time voice or chat interactions and guide them to resolutions.

Agents gain a better understanding of customer issues, resolve issues more quickly, and give the customer a greater level of understanding. Agents can also use Cobrowse as a sales conversion and customer support tool.

Oracle Cobrowse Cloud Service is available as both a standalone solution or as an integrated feature of Oracle B2B Service.

Note: To use Oracle Cobrowse, you must deploy the Cobrowse launcher script on your web site. For more information, refer to the Related Topics list.

Differences Between Cobrowsing and Screen Sharing

While the terms can often be used interchangeably, in a business setting there is an important difference between screen sharing technology and cobrowsing technology. Let's take a look these two use cases for the differences.

  • Screen Sharing is basically a web collaboration session. One person allows one or more people to view his or her computer screen. In business, the screen is typically shared by the sales or customer service agent who invites a customer to view an online demo, or a presentation. The sharer or host holds the license to use the screen sharing tool and is the one who's responsible for starting the sharing session.

  • Cobrowsing is a screen sharing session which can be initiated by a customer or an agent. The sales or customer service agent can see the customer's screen and provide guidance and insights on what the customer is doing or seeing. In this case the sharer or host is the customer, but the license to use the Cobrowse tool is held by the company or agent. The customer doesn't have to sign up for anything, download anything, or do anything other than click a button to start the session.