Translate Articles

Translate articles to make them available in other languages. You can translate an article to any language that is supported in the knowledge base, as long as you have privileges to work in that locale. You translate an article by selecting the new article's locale, supplying the content for the new article, and editing the new article's properties as needed.

A translated article is a new article, designated as version 0.1, but the knowledge base maintains a relationship between it and the original article. Articles and their translated versions share the same document ID.

  1. Open the article, and select Translate from the Action menu.

  2. Select the locale that you want to translate to, and click Next.

  3. Enter the translated content in the new article template. You can select Copy Content from Source to copy the contents of the original article into the translation.

    Note: If you copy content from the source, the attachments in the source are also copied. You may want to change the attachments to suit the translated document.
  4. Click Next and edit the article properties as desired. You can copy the properties from the source article.

  5. Use the Add a comment link if you want to keep track of the changes you make.

  6. Click Create to complete the translation.