Considerations for Setting Up Cloud Accounts

Most Oracle Cloud services are designed to run in an Oracle Cloud account paired with Oracle Identity Cloud Service (IDCS). However there’s also what’s known as a Traditional Cloud Account which uses traditional identity and access management software.

Traditional Cloud Accounts have a 1:1 mapping between the Identity instance and the Traditional Cloud Account.

An Oracle Cloud Account uses IDCS to manage users and control access to cloud services. IDCS allows a one-to-many mapping, which means many instances can be associated with a single cloud account.

To learn more about cloud accounts, refer to the About Oracle Cloud Accounts link in the Related Topics section.
Note: It's strongly recommended that you choose the same Cloud account as the one that your implementation of B2B Service resides in.

When setting up your cloud account note that the name you choose will also be used to create the URLs to access all of your cloud services and once you create the account name you can’t change it, so take extra care in creating your cloud account name.

As an example, say you call your Oracle account "abccorp." The URL for your cloud account may look something like this:
https://<fusion applications family>-odcsvbcs-05281907-1391-<abccorp>
Additionally the cloud account name must have the following:
  • Must be unique.
  • Must start with a lowercase letter.
  • Can have up to 25 lowercase letters and numbers.