4Implement Knowledge Advanced for End Users

Overview of Implementation in Customer Portal

If you have not yet implemented Customer Portal for Service Cloud, you should, at a minimum, implement the default Customer Portal so that you can implement and validate Knowledge. When you have validated the application, you can add and configure additional features to provide a richer experience tailored to your users' needs.

You can find complete information on implementing Customer Portal in Using B2C Service.

If you have already implemented Customer Portal, you can implement Knowledge in your existing application. You can find complete information on implementing Knowledge and configuring its features in Implement Knowledge Advanced on Customer Portal.

Overview of Implementation in Agent Desktop

You can configure Agent Desktop to add the Knowledge button to the Agent Desktop toolbar for groups of internal users, including support agents and other staff members. Agents and other internal users can use the Knowledge button to search for information on their desktop.

You can find complete information about enabling Knowledge Advanced in Agent Desktop in Configure Agent Desktop.